About - Outfront

The quality of our races shows because they're organised with passion.

We organise races because we believe we can provide races with the participant in mind that are great value for money.

Great value for money events!

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When you sign up for a race you expect a decent challenge and a well organised event.

Outfront is proud of our commitment to providing really good races that are also great value for money. Many folk will know us as MSAI - Multi Sport Adventure Ireland who have a proven track record having organised many successful events since 2010. Outfront is our brand-name being used since 2012 for the same great MSAI events.

We are proud to provide well organised, friendly and great value for money events here in Ireland for all to enjoy.

We believe Outfront races are better quality.

As active racers, we've competed in many varied events worldwide over the past 20 years. We've faced the same challenges every Outfront competitor faces. We've tasted the sweetness of victory, and disappointment of below par performance. We've raced in all conditions, suffered bad luck and injuries, and shared the joy of enjoying our experiences and making many friends along the way.

We started organising races because we believe that our experience can help us deliver great events for you to enjoy. Lots of hard work goes on behind the scenes and many people are involved at all stages of an event. We are truly passionate about delivering the best race experience for you on race day.

It is hard to please all of the people all of the time, but that is our goal for every Outfront event.